Soluzioni avanzate di progettazione meccanica

About us


The team of TecnoHit was established in 2010 and after a long-standing and consolidated collaboration in the field of technical consulting to medium and large companies with significant presence in the global market.  The company consolidated its team and was established under the name TecnoHit in 2014.

The  team of TecnoHit is composed by over 20 professional Engineers with extensive experience in various  disciplines and areas of expertise: from Mechanical Design to Product Industrialization, from and not limited to, Numerical Simulation to Tolerance Analysis.

Flexibility, dynamism and organization are only a few of the main peculiarities of TecnoHit, today strongly requested in a world, like the industry one’s, which is becoming increasingly competitive, demanding and “hungry” for innovation. TecnoHit is constantly achieving maximum results under three fundamental principles: professionalism, efficiency and innovation. These “values”, which are essential for us, are synonymous of absolute competitiveness, punctuality, quality and positively participating to our customers better economics, which today allow us to overcome the challenges of globalization.

The integration between the various skills that TecnoHit is able to offer to his own customers is the real  added  value that distinguishes us  and that we want to share with our customers. The latters, are companies looking for knowledge and fast solution, but at the same time efficient, for every demand on innovation. Due to the experience and preparation of its own professionals, TecnoHit follows the entire design process of a product, a component or a tecnology, without ever losing sight of the challenges that are integral part of the subsequent industrialization phase and paramount for the needs of production processes and the performance target required by the customer.

The design phase can be supported by numerical simulation activities allow you to know “at first glance” and, therefore “anticipate” what will be the performance  of the component you are designing, providing appropriate indications to improve and optimize a design even before the first prototype is realized.

In this way,  the “dialog” and the “transfer of deliveries” between the various departments of a company are facilitated: design, industrialization, production and quality control. All this inevitably translates into optimal results for our customer, above all characterized by an improvement in the performance and quality of a finished product, as well as significant reduction of costs.

About us


TecnoHit è una realtà consolidata che si sta distinguendo nell’Industria, sempre più con riconosciuto e crescente successo, e che ha le capacità di integrare le diverse competenze ingegneristiche, aspetto molto importante e apprezzato, soprattutto al giorno d’oggi, in cui le aziende richiedono la soluzione di un problema complesso ed un supporto completo e flessibile.

La Mission di TecnoHit è quella di rafforzare sempre di più l’integrazione tra le competenze di progettazione meccanica e simulazione numerica, al fine di incrementare costantemente la qualità dei servizi offerti e diventare il partner ideale di quelle aziende che vogliono migliorare qualità e prestazioni dei loro prodotti e puntare alla vera innovazione.