Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Laminar and turbulent (with different patterns of turbulence)
  • Incompressible or compressible (subsonic, transonic and supersonic)
  • Single-phase or multi-phase (gas-liquid, gas-solid, liquid-solid)
  • With static or rotating components (turbo machinery)
  • With or without chemical reactions (ex. combustion)
  • Convection (natural, forced, mixed)
  • Conduction
  • Radiation



Nowadays every company, which aims to innovate and raise the quality of its products, cannot carry out design activities regardless of the support of numerical simulation. Experimentation still remains an important aspect of the production process, but always takes place “downstream” of the design phase and almost never in parallel with it, with an inevitable dilation of the time by placing on the market of the final product; since it comes into play only after the first prototypes have been realized, to be precisely tested on the test benches.

Traditionally, after the first laboratory tests, one has to go back and review the project, to look for the performances that have not yet been achieved and very often, at the beginning, it is quite far from the established objective.

Instead, combining and integrating numerical simulation in the design process leads to considerable advantages from different points of view: rapid planning of the design towards the optimal design or, at least, better than the initial configuration, significant reduction in the number of prototypes and tests to be carried out on the test benches or in the laboratory. The natural consequence is a better quality of the product or of the designed component, obtained through a significant reduction of costs for the company. In short, maximum efficiency.

This is another very important contribution that TecnoHit can furnish to his own clients: that is to know in advance the performance or behavior of a product or a component even before the first prototype is physically realized, speeding up the decision making process of the design phase.

So not only design, not just simulation, but the integration of the two services, another peculiar aspect that distinguishes TecnoHit compared to other companies that offer only design services, but without any possibility of pre-verification of the designed components or, on the contrary, only numerical simulation activities, often ends in themselves, without being able to make a concrete contribution to the design phase due to the lack of constant interaction and communication with the design team.

The numerical analysis services offered by TecnoHit are carried out in two different disciplines: the thermo-fluid dynamics (CFD) and the mechanical-structural analysis of finite elements (FEM). Both types of service are carried out by our professionals, with many years of proven experience, or through excellent partners and specialized collaborators.


Understanding fluid motion is a crucial aspect in many engineering sectors. Computational Fluid Dynamics = CFD has today become a fundamental part of the design and analysis phase in many companies that need to predict the performance of new components, machines or processes before they are implemented. This is true not only in the aerospace and automotive sectors, where CFD has taken its first steps, but now in all the industrial sectors present on the world scene.

Through the use of CFD it is possible to analyze and develop a more competitive product. The systematic use of fluid dynamics simulation allows to replace many typical operations of the test bench, through effective virtual instruments that anticipate the performance of the product already in the early stages of design, making them immediately improved and optimized, thus reducing development time and costs. Every device, machine or component, which is traversed by a fluid or is immersed in it, may be the subject of a thermo-fluid dynamics investigation in order to determine its behavior and performance.